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Los Arcos


One  of  the  characteristics  of  the  waters  around  the  Benidorm  island  area  is  its  habitual transparency, a virtue that divers always appreciate and even more so when you combine this with its interesting topography and varied marine life as occurs on this dive.

On the North East face of the island we will use one of the mooring buoys and descend initially to a depth of 6m. From  there  we  will  make  a  relaxed  descent  to  a  maximum  depth  of  22m.  Here  we  willencounter  huge  rock  boulders  that  diminish in  size  as  we  get  further  away  from  the  wall  and start  to  cross  a  sandy.  The  boulders  start  to  get  bigger  again  as  we  near  the  island.

The suggested  route  here  is  to  begin  the  dive  descending  on  the  mooring  buoy  line  following  a parallel  course  to  the  island  navigating  through  the  huge  rocks  that  are  home  to  sea  breams, sargos, octopus and the regular sighting of barracuda. When we follow a SW heading, the sea bed changes from loose stone to sloping rock. At this point we ascend to a depth of 14m as we get closer to  the wall. Here will find the big rocks again and can appreciate the stunning light effects caused bun the shimmering sunlight creeping through the caves. Following the wall we have on our left we can return to our ascent line slowly off gassing the accumulated nitrogen.

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