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Sleeping with dolphins" returns to Mundomar

Kids will enjoy a dream night with the animals.

Sleeping with dolphins" returns to Mundomar

Mundomar offers the opportunity to live again a unique experience: Sleeping with dolphins. The objective of this activity is to let the little ones know the peculiar sleep routines of these incredible mammals as well as to enjoy a magical night together with the dolphins.

The activity will take place in the Benidorm nature park on 19 July and 2, 9 and 23 August. It is designed for groups of a maximum of 15 children between the ages of 6 and 11. In addition to spending the night in the dolphin cave, the little ones will enjoy nocturnal activities such as a cineforum and a multitude of didactic games. The following day, the fun continues in Mundomar with an extensive program of interactions with park species as well as participation in environmental enrichment programs aimed at promoting the natural behaviors of each species to achieve their maximum welfare.

Sleeping with dolphins is a unique activity in Europe from which children learn all sorts of curiosities about dolphin sleep. These intelligent marine mammals do not rest from the same as humans. Their sleep routine is unihemispheric, that is to say, these animals alternate the different hemispheres in such a way that a part of their brain is always active and thus they manage to keep alert at all times.