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Carnivals 2020 in Benidorm

Start Date: February 22nd 2020 End Date: February 25th 2020

One of the first biggest events of the year is the Benidorm Carnival.  A very popular event which attracts people to watch and enjoy the carnival that is celebrated. With a mix of children and adult parades it is a great event to visit in Benidorm.

The colour, the costumes and the music bring the meaning to the carnivals of the city of skyscrapers. It is a vibrant, fun and free atmosphere worth attending.

This year 2020 the carnival falls on Saturday 23rd February and will last all day. First of all, on Saturday morning from 11.00 the carnival for the youngest of the house will take place. Secondly, on Saturday night, from 21.30 the adults' carnival will celebrate.

There will be numerous parades through the Old Town, ending in the City Hall of Benidorm, next to the l’Aigüera’s park. The carnival will last until Sunday 25th with the traditional Burial of the Sardine.

You can download the program HERE

Carnivals 2020 in Benidorm

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22/02/2020 al 25/02/2020