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La Llosa


La  Llosa  is  a  sunken  mountain  with  its  peak  at  a  depth  of  7m.  It  is located  a  few  hundred metres  from  Benidorm  Island  to  which  it  holds  a  great  resemblance.  On  its  easterly  vertical face  it  has  a  prominent  vertical  drop  off  which  falls  to  a  depth  of  30m  while on  its  west  face the  depth  gradient  is  more  progressive  in  the  form  of  a  gentle  slope.  The  size  and  numerous points  of  interest  of  La  Llosa allow  for  several  different  dives  to  enable  it  to  be  enjoyed in  its entirety.

There are 3 mooring buoys available for the dive vessels and on this occasion we will begin at the north buoy that will take us straight to a platform at a depth of 8m. If we follow a NE heading we will come across an attractive fall that combined with the fantastic visibility to be found here will allow us to plan a dive with a maximum depth of 29m. It is here that we can spend  some  time  inspecting  the  gigantic  rocks  that  produce  a  multitude  of  different  light effects  and  are  home  to  a  considerable  amount  of  large  marine  life  like  bream,  dentex  and orderly schools of corvinas as well as large octopus and moray eels.

For the route on the south side of La Llosa we will keep the wall to our right and the dive consists of taking in the details of the colossal rock formations, some of which are perforated by a tunnel at their base similar to what we can find on another of our dives called "La cueva de la virgen" or The virgin ́s cave. When our air consumption or NDL limit indicates that it is nearing the end of our dive we can return to the wall where we will find some huge vertical cracks in the rock that we can follow upwards during our ascent.  To keep us entertained while ascending we can still see plenty  of smaller marine life in the form of numerous different species of nudibranch.

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